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I'll be waiting in the graveyard...
by the graves, not in one.
Oh, hello this.
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Behind the times, but I'll do the 2010 meme here. I haven't completely abandoned you, old friend, although I am a bit late.

I wonder if I remember the cut code.
2010 Year in Review, motherfuckersCollapse )
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So we're currently watching Iceman, on Netflix, staring Danny Glover and some other people. I'm typing my thoughts as we do so.Collapse )

That was actually... not too bad. Yikes. Not too good either though, at all.
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Homer: Aw 20 dollars, I wanted a peanut!
Homer's Brain: 20 dollars can buy many peanuts.
Homer: Explain how.
Homer's Brain: Money can be exchanged for goods and services.
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I really enjoy the new Batman cartoon series. It's fun and wacky, while still being Batman. It's just Silver Age quips and unbeatable-utility-belt batman. A fun change from GRIMDARK batman that prevades comics and movies nowadays. Plus every episode has a new hero partner and I'm all about that.

What more, it's a nostalgia bomb of sorts for me. It's a step back to when Saturday morning cartoons were both vibrant and colorful, while still being clever.

Give it a looksie if this sounds like a good (and vague) description to you. Link goes to youtube listing of the four episodes made so far, sliced into 3rds.
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I just had an epic half hour battle with a wasp in my room. There were deft manuevers and dodges, attack and counterattacks, but eventually I grounded him with a can of spray adhesive and his end was nigh.

Score another point for mankind! Now back to work.
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South Park is parodying the election and I think it's spot. fucking. on.
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Hey, hey guys. I'm happy about Obama winning, having voted for him as well, but don't become zealots or anything. I will rain on each and every parade equally. I'll be waiting to see his actions before any celebrating.

This is also to the people on the street yelling Obama at everybody they saw. It's cool if the person voted your way and a bit of wound-salting if they didn't. Reinforced party lines for the win.
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So when VA data started coming in around 7:00 I claimed that it would flip to Obama. I've been closely watching all night and doing numbers to see vote differences. When the cities came in that's when there was a big jump towards my outcome.

At 9:38 there was 12964 vote separation now. and 72% votes in. Then 7777, 73% at :42. Any moment now it's going to flip and I'm going to be a glorious pundit god. Hovering around 7500 - 8000 right now, so we'll see if I win (nothing).

Not that I really want to be. Pundits are really really annoying. Elections over though so lets see if my percentage win guess will hold. I said on October 28th that "I say Obama with... 58% of the electorate, but closer on popular. Maybe 52-54%." We'll see!

Edit: aaaaand Virginia just flipped to Obama at 9:58. Glorious pundit god! RAISE SHRINES TO MY ABILITY PLEBS.
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So I was getting Subway for lunch earlier. There were a few people ahead of me. The cashier girl put the new quarters into the penny slot and apparently this was the second time that day and the staff and I laughed at her. Nothing unusual. Walk out to go to my car and I look in the distance and one of the guys who was ahead of me is climbing up to a train that is parked on the tracks just short of blocking the road.

I laughed and laughed on the way home. I don't really think they're supposed to be able to do that. Hey there, I'm just gonna park this train here and grab a sandwich, word.
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[13:49:40] [Reptar] also, did I miss a time change or something? was I supposed to fall back?
[13:49:45] [craig] yes
[13:49:47] [Beuk] yes
[13:49:54] [Reptar] huh
[13:50:06] [Reptar] I've been an hour in the future since whenever that change was, then
[13:50:06] [Beuk] we're all back on standard time now
[13:50:11] [Beuk] two am
[13:50:11] [Reptar] I wasn't.
[12:51:14] [Reptar] cool, I just gained an hour.
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I really want a green lantern ring.

... or at least a shirt.

Oh yeah, I've also been thinking about all sorts of weird stuff lately. Like why are doors decorated with rectangles usually? The rate that steam overtakes a bathroom mirror. Why does soap on a mirror prevent this. People most associate political parties with some sort of deep-rooted mechanism for groups. Seems like we're more adamant about politics and sports than family. The origin of the word quiz is interesting. It's hard to find a lab coat without going online. It's interesting how christmas lights behind a bar can perfectly align themselves with the base of a pint glass on the bar so that it's like the bottom of the glass is full of little LEDs. How can sick people produce so much mucus. It has to come from somewhere, right? How do people differentiate between potential friends and lovers in a quantifiable sense? Why do people believe in 'fringe' science, eurgh. Even worse, why do people believe that science is bad and that pushing limits is bad. Re: LHC, Nano, Cloning, anything at all. Why do fast food places mainly use the colors red and yellow. Why use greek letters rather than latin ones? All sorts of stuff, normally even more remote than this and along the lines of doors and pouring methods.
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What the balls it's 33 degrees here and that's just not right this early in the year.
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So, who wants to take bets on the election?

I say Obama with... 58% of the electorate, but closer on popular. Maybe 52-54%.

Price is Right rules.
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My rage fueled by a war in my bowels, feeling vaguely homicidal at the moment.
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I had salmon for dinner tonight. I don't like fish and this was the first time I've had fish in many a year. I thoroughly fucking enjoyed it. It's not a fishy fish though, I guess, so there's that. I guess tuna is next? Word.

Saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Stupendous film. Really quirky and fun and uses Downey Jr. perfectly.

Also, here's an interesting take on how the campaign is going to have to go down for McCain to win from a math and numbers friend.
The lo down.Collapse )
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Have you seen the show "The Big Bang Theory"? It's like a characterization of me and my life. In that I'm not as bad as say Sheldon, but I also random spew information. And if I didn't have social locks on my brain I would spew more of this information. I definitely do so when drunk, anyway.

But yes, between the two main characters, Sheldon and Leonard, it's like a magic mirror. I don't know if this is :D or D: but it's a great show. The nerdy/geeky humor is well done rather than pandering to the common denominator. I likes it, you will too. Especially if you know stuff like that Superman is weak against magic, mmorpg nomenclature, or that romantic love is a product of the industrial revolution. Oi!

"Here's a question... why?" "... because we can?"

One of the sons of bitches has a bottled city of Kandor. I want that.
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So I happened across a thread talking about Twilight and seriously. What the hell. If the key plot points are as they say, then I am completely at a loss as to how this could be a good series in the least. Now I'm reading a chapter-by-chapter review of the first book.

It sounds like the seedy romance vampire novels you're always linking, Heidi. Minus the DVDA and mud men and plus abusive boyfriends and submissive girls, I guess.

Some visual commentary: one and two are together. three, four, and five are another set.
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Launch trailer for the game Dead Space.

Oh man oh man oh man want.
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I'm so incredibly annoyed at the moment.
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I'm watching a brilliant modern day film noir called Brick. If you like this sort of thing go see it. Now.

Well, not now. Go see it at a respectable hour when people besides weirdos like me are awake.
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Palin, the great debater?

"The one thing I found during the [2006] debates was no matter how knowledgeable her opponents were on the issues, it didn't matter," Mr Halcro told BBC News.

"She has an amazing ability to turn a 45 second answer into a folksy story... she's never been forced to know the issues."
Mrs Palin even said Mr Halcro would make "the awesomest statistician," when asked during a debate what position she would appoint Mr Halcro to if elected governor.(emphasis mine)
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I think that debate went pretty well. Pundits are saying that it was fairly even between them, but I thought Obama carried it ever so slightly. I tried to be bipartisan the whole way through and the reason I think Obama took the debate was that he was in good form on the foreign policy questions as well as the economic ones. McCain was knowledgeable as well, but kept repeating his "I know " soundbite which got old. McCain time and time again said Obama thought a certain thing or acted a certain way and Obama had to keep denying and refuting McCain's allegations. I think it showed that Obama was capable of playing the harder game of politics that McCain has been attempting, but when he saw a need to rather than in initiation.

It was remarkable that both candidates actually treated it like a debate though rather than taking turns giving speeches. And it was unremarkable how both danced around a fair number of the questions.

All in all interesting and quality. I expect good things from the next debate on the 2nd. That's when Palin and Biden go at it and that should be massive lolz if Palin hasn't been studying up.
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